Our approach to fees

"Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you drive in"

Bill Bradley

Our approach to fees

Property transactions can be difficult to price accurately as no two properties or transactions are the same, and it is often the case that something arises during the transaction which could not have been anticipated at the outset.  We offer our clients a    service appropriate to their transaction’s requirements and this is  reflected in our legal fee estimates.

Even though we have set out our indicative fees in this guide, we would encourage you always to contact us by phone on +44 (0) 0345 459 0007 or by email mail@kingfields.co.uk or via our website to discuss your Requirements, objectives and identify the nature and level of legal expertise that you require.  We can then provide you with an instant tailored cost estimate and detailed explanation of what is and is not included within the estimate.





If you require trusted advice from one of our specialists please connect, our colleague is glad to talk.

Thank you everyone. All of you have been extremely efficient and professional in the manner this transaction has been conducted and I am truly grateful. Well done!

- Property Investor, Singapore

Nice and personal touch very appreciated!

- Property Investor, Surrey

When we asked, How did we do and what could we do better?

 The client replied “I thought that overall it was a great service. Occasionally we didn’t get responses as quickly as we would have liked – but it wasn’t always clear if that was Sharan or actually the sellers conveyancer.

When we asked, How do we compare with other law firms? (If you have experience of others).

 The client replied “WAYYYYYYYY better 🙂

Mr J and Mrs P

13th May 2021

- Property Investor from London