Cyber Crime Alert

Cyber Fraud Alert

Cyber-crime is on the increase. Be on your guard against criminals trying to divert monies to their account. Our Bank account details are provided at the outset of the matter, we will NEVER change our bank details during your transaction nor will we accept changes to your bank details by email. Please also exercise caution when responding to any requests for your bank details or notices of changes to bank details to others. Do not transfer money without speaking to the lawyer handling your matter or the partner in charge. Kingfields Solicitors will not accept responsibility if you transfer money to a incorrect or wrong bank account or we receive instructions to send money to an incorrect account.

The list of property scams is not exhaustive and growing. New ones are being invented all the time. Please act cautiously for your own protection. These scams aim to get your money and/or your personal data to use in other illegal activities. They may not always request money or personal details on initial contact, but often wait until the victim has responded.

Please note that this firm and its lawyers have no involvement in these or any other scams. Note that we do not use Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo addresses. Please check the domain from which you receive an email to establish it is a genuine email from us.

We recommend you delete scam emails and do not reply to scam letters. If you need to check with us whether a communication is genuine, please contact us. Please ensure your email accounts are not hacked.