New Build Properties

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Kingfields has been recognised as leading experts in New Build ‘Off-Plan’ Conveyancing.

New Build Properties

We consider ourselves as one of the leading law firms representing overseas property investors from the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region including Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong on new build property transaction.

With significant expertise in new build conveyancing, we act for individual owner-occupiers, residential developers, real estate investors and bulk buyers. We are regularly invited to attend property exhibitions and conduct property seminars in Asia Pacific region and the Middle East to advise international buyers on the legal aspects of investing in the London property market.

New Build conveyancing is a very specialist field. We understand the life cycle of a construction project and are therefore able to work closely with the Developer, their lawyers and your lender to ensure the transaction completes smoothly and with minimum stress.

At the outset, we will review the development documents, which consist of draft Sale and Purchase Agreement, Planning Permission/Planning Agreements, Conveyancing Searches and provide you with a comprehensive Legal Report on Title so that you know what you are buying.

We will guide you expertly through the process with a careful eye on any timescales and keep you informed at every stage. We have been the recommended solicitors for purchasers on some of the largest developments in London including One The Tower and Battersea Power Station. We work with the majority of leading Real Estate Agents and deal with properties throughout England & Wales.

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Very favourably, especially on costs

- Property Investor, Jersey

When we asked, How did we do and what could we do better?

 The client replied  Sharon was a lifesaver for us.  She managed our expectations really well and had clearly stated the cost.  She always delivered exactly what she had promised.  Wonderful person to work with..

When we asked, How do we compare with other law firms? (If you have experience of others)?

 The client replied  We had another solicitor and their service was poor.  It was like a breathe of fresh air with Sharon and restored our confidence in our house purchasing process.

Ms Y and Mr A 

14th November 2021

- Property Investor from London

Very favourably, particularly in keeping me informed.

- Property Investor, UK