Our Experience

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Our Experience

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Mr C.N. Lee, Senior Executive Director – Group of Companies

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Chanmbers & Partners SG 2016


Mark Lee

Managing Director
Tel: +65 2359 7391

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“We are based in N. Ireland, and sold an apartment in London. We met with Fozia at the very start of the selling process, and she explained the whole process in a clear, concise and friendly manner. We worked very well during the process, with clear communication via phone and e-mail. Prompt response to any of my questions, regular updates, and good link with estate agent. All the correct ingredients to ensure that we had a successful sale, well managed by Fozia.”

When we asked them “How did we do and what could we do better?

The client replied “Struggling to suggest improvements.  Fozia delivered a professional yet friendly service.  Well supported by office team at Kingfields. I was confident in Kingfields ability to represent my interests in this process, and you delivered.

When we asked them “How do we compare with other law firms”

The client replied “Compared to law firms in N. Ireland, I found Kingfields to be very professional; efficient; and proactive in dealing with any issues along the process.”

Mr & Mrs R

Northern Ireland

8th June 2018


- Property Investor from Northern Ireland

Thanks Deborah, for handling this matter so well. I am very happy with your service.

- Property Investor, Singapore